Wednesday, June 16, 2004


I'm back after my hiatus.

Hmm, after a long time (almost after three months) I am blogging again.

The reason for my absence is Sriram. He entered this world on the 31st of March. Since then he has kept me busy. Really busy.

He is a very adorable kid. He is just two and a half months old but I don’t have the feeling that he is that small, except when he climbs down the jo jo and cries because he couldn’t move around or cries for milk. Otherwise he acts as if he understands everything we tell him and smiles in acknowledgement. He doesn’t cry much – though he cries for two things – milk and sleep. Otherwise he is a happy kid making everybody speak to him and he also talks back in his language. He is very intelligent also. Even when he was a month old, he kept both hands on his eyes to avoid the light from disturbing his sleep. He used to turn and sleep on his belly when he was 15 days old, though now he has forgotten the game because he is learning new ones. He likes the jo jo a lot. He started hanging his leg out to sleep since he was 20 days old. Poor thing, because of that he has to be the brunt of several mosquitoes.

More of my son's prathapangal will follow